A600-G gyroscope




~ The newly quick response gyroscope


     The A600-G is a high performance, compact-sized, and lightweight gyroscope newly developed by RCmart group for RC field applications. The gyros circuit is using the high speed CPU and extremely low temperature-drift gyro sensor; accompany with state of the art intelligent feed-forward controlling algorithm circuits and programs. These making the gyro possess instant reaction and smooth rudder engagement capabilities. At present, it is the best small-sized gyroscope for full range of RC helicopters (small size to big size), and player who is from beginner to advanced levels.


     The A600-G is manufacturing by sophisticated engineering and specialists fine tune before leave the factory. The specifically thin and stand-alone circuit board design provides a high sensitivity of angular rate. It also comes with all the functions of gyroscope: head lock/unlock function; remote gain control; analog/digital servo selectable; servo signal delay regulation; servo travel limit regulation; and signal reverse function for easy installation. As far as now, it is the most complete functions tiny-sized gyroscope in the RC fields.


     The specifications of this newly gyroscopeare as follows: Operating voltage range : DC4.8V ~ 6.0V; Supply current : < 30mA@4.8V; Temperature range : -20J 60J; Control frequency: 280 Hz (digital) / 70 Hz (analog); Angular rate sensing range: ± 500 degree/sec.; Weight: 9 g; Size: 25.3 X 24.0 X 10.4 mm (main body).


     For more detailedinformation and prices, please visit the website: http://www.rcmartnews.com or http://www.rcmart.com.tw or contact with the service email address at: rc.mart@msa.hinet.net .