A500-G Gyro FAQs


A-500G  Gyro FAQ

Question 1 :

How to set the Transmitter and Gyro to the correct directions ?

Ans :

    Usually,  a helicopter's head direction controlled by  rudder servo's motion (it controls the rudder rotor blades direction).  This motion  is combined by two actions; you move stick and gyro's correction. So when you finish your helicopter assembly, firstly you need to check if these two actions work in properly  directions.

1. The rudder stick on transmitter  : It controls the helicopter's head direction. It is  controlled by yourself. So for example, if  you move stick to right (i.e. you want your helicopter head turn right),  then you to inspect the tail rotor blade, it needs turn to  the correct direction ( correct direction means when it starts rotation will  force the wind blow to right, so the helicopter tail  move to left, then its head turn to right).  If direction correctly,  your transmitter setting is OK. But if direction  opposite, then  need to change your transmitter's setting(change the  direction  of rudder channel  from  normal to reverse, vice versa).

2. The correction actions of Gyro : This action just controlled by Gyro itself, not by yourself. For example, you can image  when you flying your helicopter, suddenly have a cross wind  push your helicopter's  head  turn to right (i.e.  helicopter's tail  turn to left). In this time  Gyro  will send a signal to rudder servo to change rudder's blades  direction to  force heli's  tail go back  to original position. This action seem like you move your stick on transmitter to left, so you can simulate this action by  your hand to shift the helicopter tail form right to left and  inspect  the rudder  servo(or rudder  blade) if move to the correct direction? (For safety issue, before  you do this test please remove your main rotor blades firstly, and lowest down your throttle stick on your transmitter). If direction correctly,  the gyro setting is ok. But if it opposite, then you need to  switch the normal/reverse  setting  on your gyro (some kinds of gyro has no this switch,  you can  up  side down to install the gyro on your helicopter).

    Above mentions are general rules for  helicopter rudder adjustment.  No matter what kinds of helicopter, gyro, servo, transmitter you using. So these rules can fit for A500   or other brands gyro as  an after-installed check procedure.


Question 2 :

When my helicopter just takes off from earth, why it always spin in one of directions and out of control ?

Ans :

You installed your Gyro on the wrong direction. You can change direction by the switch 2 on the Gyro or up side down your  Gyro by 180 degrees.


Question 3 :

Why this A500-G Gyro need to do calibration ?

Ans : 

        Normally, the Gyro sensor in the gyroscope is a temperature sensitive device.  Its output current is affected by environmental temperature. So this A-500G Gyro build-in a calibration procedures, it can read the sensor's output  on the moment temperature, then writing this offset output  value on a build-in EEPROM component.  And after that  when you flying  helicopter, it will calculate the rightly output value for  correct your rudder's motion in  the more stable conditions. So you do these procedures only your flying environments have larger temperature changes.


Question 4 :

Where I should put the Gyro on the helicopter ?

Ans :

Please see the figure on the instruction manual, there is show an axis of Gyro. This axis need to perpendicular with your helicopter's fuselage (i.e. this axis need to parallel with your helicopter's main rotate axis), and after installed please remember you still need to check the properly transmitter and Gyro's directions.


Question 5 :

Why every time I flying, the tail rudder will drifts to one of the directions ? How can I overcome this problem ?

Ans :

     You could overcome this problem by  every time before you flying,  switch the gyro to Head-Lock mode firstly, then adjust the rudder trim switch (or button) on your transmitter until rudder servo stop to drift. But remember every time you change the Gyro's gain value on transmitter you need to re-adjust once again.