General FAQ for Airplane


General FAQ for Airplanes

Question 1 :

Why my Melody ESC only can operate 10 ~ 15 seconds ?

Ans :

    We assume you might meet some of the problems as follows :
Melody ESC "Soft-cut" protection functions :
1. Low voltage protection :  If your battery not be fully chgarged (each Li-po cell lower than 3.0 V or Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery voltage is lower than 80% of the initial voltage). Usually in this case, the battery voltage will drop down abruptly in 10 ~ 15 sec using, this Melody ESC will active its soft-cut protection mechanism. After you stop using, the battery voltage will recovery, but while you using again, the voltage will drop down fastly again.
2. Over temperature protection : If you install this Melody ESC in a airtight space, the heat of ESC could not be dispersing. If the temperature of the ESC circuit is over 90 degree centigrade, this soft-cut protection mechanism will be activated.
3. Lose signal protection : If your radio transmitter signal is too weak or discontinuous, this Melody ESC also soft-cut the motor's power, once receive the  control signal again, the motor's power will recovery again.


Question 2 :

How to install the motor mounts, motors,  and propellers in P-38 airplane ?

Ans : Please see the attached files below :

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