General FAQ for Helis


General FAQ for Helis

Question 1 :

Why my helicopter can not fly ?

Ans :

We suggest you might check some points as follows :

1. Motor's output : using a rotation gauge to detect the Main-blade's rotation velocity, it suppose should be about ~ 2000 rpm (for 400 level EP helicopter).

2. ESC's output : using a multi-meter (current hook-meter, or if you could use Watts meter is better) to detect the output current, it suppose should be > 15A (> 150W).

3. Adjust the main-blades to avoid the "double-blades" effect.

4. Adjustment the pitch setting, make sure it has enough "positive pitch" while you want to take off.

5. Check the motor's pinion gear, if it is embedded well with the main-gear ? to avoid the power dispersion. 


Question 2 :

Why my helicopter didn't stabilize ?

Ans :

1. Your helicopter "Spin" when it take off. In this case you installed you gyro in a wrong direction. You need to up side down the gyro's orientation.

2. Your helicopter's tail "Swing" seriously. In this case the gyro's sensitivity was too high. You need to tunning the screw on the gyro to lower down the sensitivity.

3. Your helicopter rudder's correct on a opposite direction. In this case you need to change the normal/reverse setting on your transmitter.


Question 3 :

Why my helicopter's main motor shutdown abruptly, to cause the helicopter crash ?

Ans :

    you may met some of problems as follows :

1. The electromagnetic interference between the ESC and receiver.
2. The brushless motor emitter electromagnetic wave to interfere with receiver's signals.
3. The brushless motor not matching with ESC.
4. Other electronic components(servos, gyro...) had damaged, so that consumption current over the BEC's limit current.

    The mostly simple way to check this problem is to insert a "magnetic-ring" between the ESC and receiver (please see the attached file). If that can solve problem, that is interference problem. If not, that was matching or damage problem, you may need to changing some device.


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