NT-400 gyro FAQs


NT-400 Head LockGyro FAQ

Question 1 :

How does the gain adjust-screw on the gyro works with the gain setting on the Transmitter ?

Ans :

You have two methods setting the gain values of NT-400 gyro, they're  not conflict with each other  : 

1. If you're using the receiver that is less than 5 channels, then  you should  have no spare  channel to plug  the gyro's gain setting wire in. In this case you only can use the adjust-screw on the gyro to set the gain values. The more percentage you tuning,  it is more approximation to the Head-lock mode.

2. If you're using the receiver that is more than  5 channels, then you could put the gyro's gain  setting wire into the 5th channel of receiver, and adjust the gain values by your  transmitter. In the meantime, the  adjust-screw on the gyro will be disable automatically.


Question 2 :

Where should I install the NT-400 on the helicopter ?

Question 3 :

For some reason I have to put the gyro up side down, otherwise it's working in the wrong direction. Is this normal or is there anyway to change this? 

Ans :

We think maybe you're met one of the two cases in the follow :

1. If your helicopter was "spin" when it take off. Then you need to put the Gyro up side down. (This NT-400 has no " Normal/Reverse " switch, so you only can put it become up side down to solve this problem. But our another Gyro A500-G, it can be reversed the sensor's signal by a DIP switch on it).  

2. IF your helicopter rudder's servo was moving in wrong direction. Then please change the normal/reverse setting (Channel 4th) on your transmitter. And remenber next time you change to other servo or change servo's install direction, you may need to re-check it.