NX-25Q Robot FAQs


NX-25Q Robot FAQ

Question 1.
Can NX-25Q USB connected ?

Ans :
   Yes, it can use two way to connect with USB port :

a. Using the RS232 to USB adapter to connect the RS232 data transmission
line with the USB port. (RCmart also sell this adapter as a optional part,
but user can easy buy it at local computer store).

b. we also provide a direct USB data transmission line as a optional part or
customer can assign this USB data transmission line at original pack.


Question 2.

Can NX-25Q Li-po battery using ?

Ans :
    Yes, NX-25Q can using any battery (Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Li-ion/Li-po) that voltage is under 10V ( suggest under 7.5 V). But customer need to consider if other batteries size is fit in for the
Robotic frame ?


Question 3.

Can NX-25Q install Gyro ?

Ans :
    Yes, We have design a dual output gyro (RGY-201), it is a special design for usual robot using not only for NX-25Q.


Question 4.

How to install the shoulder supporter adapters for NX-25Q robot ?

Ans :
    Please see the installation procedures as follows :

1. Stretching the arm parts

2. Remove the arm parts

3. Insert the shoulder supporter

4. Joint back the arm parts

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