8010 servo tester



8010, Multi-purposes servo tester


        The 8010 servo tester is well designed for multi-purposes applications. They are capable to turn servos to any of PWM signal positions between 1.00 ms to 2.00 ms of pulsed wave width, and to possess a resolution of 0.01 ms. It also can be applied to control the RCíŽs electronic speed controller (ESC) as a throttle switch. Another benefit is that can receive the PWM signals input from robotíŽs control board or the RCíŽs radio receiver, afterwards show the pulsed wave width on the digital display, just like a simple PWM signal detector. This function is conveniently to provide usersa simple and non-expensive tooling for check their PWM output signals.


Specifications :

Body size : 100 X 60 X 25mm.
weight : 80g.
Display : 3 and 1/2 digital number.
Indicator : 2 LED to indicate the input/output signal source.
Input voltage : 4.8~6.0V (typical : 5V).