8210 Lithium battery protector



Most valuable investment for your RC device !

Protect your batteries, and protect your aircrafts !

Saving the precious money and Keeping the best performance


Easy to connection with RC components / Convenience to attach inside battery pack





*. Auto voltage detection functions.

*. Individual 2 ~ 4 single cell statue displayed.

*. Battery over discharge protect for individual cell.

*. Low voltage protection for aircrafts by soft cut-off throttle powers.

*. Over heat (temperature) protection : if battery temperatures was higher than 60 (device has to be attached with battery), will start a low voltage protection mode.

*. Circuit-short protection : avoid the circuit-short of the BEC and battery leads.

*. Weight : 12 g.

*. Size : 60.0 X 31.0 X 6.0 mm.

For details information and prices please contact with the service mail address at : rc.mart@msa.hinet.net