Zeta-HMR-P & Zeta-HMR-TP



Zeta-HMR-P & Zeta-HMR-TP

¡V Electric protected high strength and high torque small servos

    RCmart International group has announced two new upgraded Zeta-HMR servos. The Zeta-HMR-P and Zeta-HMR-TP. Both of them are keep the small size ( 22.4 X 11.5 X 24.0 mm ), low weight ( 17 / 18 g ), high torque ( 4 kg.cm ), and high speed ( 0.11 sec./60o ) capabilities as the original Zeta-HMR series.

    These enhanced versions possess an electric protection circuit board. In case of servo axis be twisted more than its torque limit load or the servo consumption current exceeds 1 A (ampere), the circuit will active the protection mechanism. It will limit the operation current to avoid the servo become damaged. In other case if servo¡¦s consumption current is abruptly higher than 1 A, it will start the auto shut-off function and lightened a bright red LED to indicate this servo was under abnormally conditions, then user could easy recovery it by turn off/on the power of servo again. These two special electric functions are best suit for robotic applications, especially for those violent and fighting robotic players.

    To scale new steps, the Zeta-HMR ¡VTP has modified the servo case for more strength and rigid configurations. In RC fields, that also fit for small size / high torque application fields, such as the little / medium size of 3D-aerobatic airplanes, helicopters, and high speed racing cars and boats.


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