A200D, the tiny gyroscope



AIRTRIX A200-D, the tiny gyroscopes

    A200-D gyro is one of the RCmart Tiny ˇVseries gyroscopes. It is designed by the high precision compact gyroscope sensor. So far it is one of the smallest gyroscopes in the RC world. The innovative double-stacked circuit board is designed for miniaturize the device size. For the RC model players, it is very suited on small-sized or indoor helicopters rudder control; or the elevator / aileron flying correction on the airplanes. As for the robotic players, user can easy to install them on the humanoid robots, that is for improve the posture balance on some of robotic motions.

    This gyro also possess two potentiometers (VR), one is for the normally gain adjustment, another is the specially design for servo neutral position adjustment. While servoˇ¦ mechanical neutral point is not fit in with the best position, this function is a good way to correction this point. ( itˇ¦s alike the ˇ§trimˇ¨ function on the RC radio transmitter).

    The specifications of the A200-D gyro are as follows : Operation voltage: DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V; Operation current: 15 mA@6.0V; Gyro gain: Single gain; Size: 13.0 X 11.0 X 8.0 mm; Weight: 2.70g.