ECP for 180s' helicopters



High valued !  and  Low cost !

Special electronic components pack for Genius 180 helicopters.

Compact size !   Low weight !

 Best performance !   Good reliability !

Capable for indoor and outdoor violent 3D flying !



Easy installation !   Quick maintenance !


The pack contents of follows :


* LENO Sub-micro servo X 4 pcs.

- Torque :, or

- Weight : 4.58g.

- Size : 20 X 6.5 X 19 mm.

- Rotate speed : 0.12 sec/60 degrees/4.8V, or 0.11sec/60 degrees/6.0V.

- High accuracy position algorithms for RC fields’ applications.


* NT-400 Head Locked Gyroscope X 1 pcs.

- Fast response and high precision locking ability.

- Lock / Non-lock mode switched by transmitter and color LED indicated.

- Sensitivity adjustable.

- Temperature compensation algorithms.


* Brushless electronic speed controller 10A X1 pcs.

-Operation current : 10A (30% over surge current in 15 seconds).

-Throttle curve setting.

-Brake / Non-brake setting

-Soft cut-off function.

-Over heat (temperature) protection.


* Li-polymer battery 800mAH X1 pcs.

-Stable material for safety charge, discharge, and storage.

-High discharge rate (~ 15C).

-High charging ability (1~3C).

-High endurance for varied ambient temperatures.

-Long life for charge / discharge (more than 100 times in normal conditions).


*Additions :


Seasonal gift from RCmart for 2nd quarter (200704~200706) :


* The NX-101 servo neutralizer X 1pcs.


- For servo center (neutral) point setting.

- Small sized, light weighted, and easy connecting.

- Suit for any kinds of servos.



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