iMAX-B5 Balance Charger



iMAX-B5 new version Multi-Purpose Balance Charger

    This new version¡¦s iMAX-B5 charger is possessed an improved circuit design. The high power and high performance circuit allowed a maximum output power up to 50W. User is easy to charger the 1~5 cells Li or 1~14 cells Ni-based battery with the maximum current of 5.0A. iMAX-B5 is also a multi-purpose charger, it can be using as the multi charger for mostly batteries on markets ( Li-ion, Li-poly, NiCd, NiMH, and Pb/Lead acid batteries).

Especially for Li-based battery charging design, it was built in an individual cell balancer circuit inside the device. It¡¦s for making the Li battery pack in a good performance and long lifetime. As for the safety issues concerned, iMAX-B5 is provided a series of protection functions : Delta-peak termination voltage detection; Charging capacity limit termination; Processing time limit termination; Temperature limit termination; and the device input power lower/upper limit termination, These functions all have the automatic shutdown mechanism to avoid the hazard situations.

    The brief specification of iMAX-B5 is as follows : Input voltage : DC 10.0 ~ 18.0V; Charge current : 0.1 ~ 5A adjustable; Maximum output power : 50W; Balancer circuit drain : 200mAH/cell; Li-ion/poly charging cells: 1~5 series; NiCd/NiMH charging cells : 1~14 series; Pb battery charging cells: 3-cells(6V) / 6-cells(12V); Size: 130 X 80 X 23 mm; Weight: 280g.