LEXI, the smallest servo



LEXI   servo

The worlds' smallest 2.5g servo for RC / Robotsapplications.


        LEXI servo is a new developed product for applications in RC and Robot fields. Small sized, light weight, and high speed responses. It is special miniaturize designed for RC and Robot¡¦s sophisticated applications. In RC fields, it is the best suit for mini indoor airplane / helicopter controlling, and some of the special switching control during the flying (e.g. light, gear, and ignition system). In Robot¡¦s applications, it is conveniently for control a mini switch; scan the sensor / visual module for wide ranges; or guide a light or laser beam to the particular positions. It can be controlled by the normally PWM signal form 1.0 ~2.0 ms wave width, and response to 160o sweep angles in precision; smooth; and staticcharacteristics.


Specifications :

Body size : 20.00 X 6.50 X 11.30 mm.
Weight : 2.5g.
Rotation torque : 150g.cm/4.8V.
Speed : 0.11 sec/60o/ 4.8V.
Input voltage : 4.8~6 V(typical : 5 V).
Consumption current : 160 mA.