NX-25QD Digital Humanoid Robot



RCmart NX-25QD - The digital servos robot

RCmart International group newly announced a digital servos robot; NX-25QD. This robot possess a fully digital servos set (17-axis). The new upgraded Zeta-HMRD digital servo is keeping the high torque (4.0 Kg.cm) and fast speed (0.1sec/60 degree) characterization. Even more the sweep angle is extended to 180 degrees and can accept a resolution in 5usíŽ PWM signal input during 0.8 ~ 2.2 ms. And also the gear box was smoothly processed for the precision applications in robotic fields.

This NX-25QD robot was assembled by Zeta-HMRD servos and a set of high strength aluminum-alloyed metal joints. Its size (236mm X 135mm X 70mm) and weight (~600g, include battery) are specially designed for educational training and general robotic players. Furthermore, the versatile control board and software could provide an achievement feeling and amusement form a beginner to high-end player.