PINO, the super slim servo



PINO, the super slim servos

    PINO is one of the RCmart¡¦ slim -series servos. The special point is its compact size and slim thickness (6.4 mm). It using state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture this servo. On RC model fields, its lightweight, high torque, and thin lateral size is especially suit for small size or indoor RC airplanes. For robotic fields, it provides the precision motions to control the sophisticated device, such as the cmos visual sensor, PIR sensor, and sonic sensor¡Ketc.

    The PINO MG servo is modified to come with the outer metal gears (gear no.3, 4, and 5). It is design for the heavy load applications, such as the compact sized e-ccpm helicopters (not suggestion be use on helicopter¡¦ rudder), and some of switching / relay control on the RC airplanes or helicopters, such as the night-lights, ignitions, video capture system¡Ketc.

    The specifications of PINO and PINO MG are description as follows : Torque : /; Speed : 0.12 sec./60o@ 4.8V; Size : 17.40 X 6.50 X 17.70 mm; Weight : 5.15 g / 6.45 g (MG).