SP-1, servo protection circuit boards



SP-1, Servo protection circuit boards

    The SP-1 servo protection circuit board is a servo”¦s additional parts that had developed by RCmart group. It is a semi-manufactured product for servo makers or the DIY users. This SP-1 can protect the servo via the current-limiting and temperature-limiting functions. It possess the high reliability MOS components to detection, and limits the servo”¦s continuous”¦ consumption-current (not peak-current); and using recoverable fuses to detect the device temperatures. Once the servo get stuck, the current or temperature will over the defined limits, SP-1 will active its protection mechanism that will cut off power from the source, to avoid the damage of servo. At the same time SP-1 also lighten a bright red-color LED, to inform user that servo is on a stuck condition. This function is suitable for the violent robotic motions; the servo is easy to recovery by turn on the power again.

    The installation of SP-1 are very easy that come with 2 methods; one is to install inside the servo case (for servo maker); and another is to connect it on the servo outside lead (for DIY user). The specifications of its current-limiting and temperature-limiting are provided on many kinds of products; and also supply the OEM or customer-designed products. The brief specifications of SP-1 are as follows: current-limits: 1.1 A (continuous) / or customized; temperature-limits: 60oC / or customized; size: 10.0 x 6.0 x 3.0 mm; weight: 0.25 g.